Covira and the Fight to End Post-Surgical Infections

Covira is a biotech company spun out from the University of Chicago that develops drugs to modulate the gut microbiome. Covira’s lead asset is focused on prevention of post-surgical infections. The company projects that the FDA approval process could take 4-5 years to complete.

“We are really at the cutting-edge of microbiome research, and our work stands to prevent both the incidence and progression of post-surgical infection and its subsequent development of disability and mortality. Our team is led by Dr. John Alverdy, MD, a world authority in this field whose knowledge led us to be named one of the top twenty most innovative companies by Business Worldwide Magazine,” said Covira CEO Peter Farmakis.

With over 230 million surgeries performed worldwide every year, the work that Covira is doing couldn’t be any more timely or important. Despite advances in infection control practices, post-surgical infections remain a substantial cause of prolonged hospitalization, readmissions, morbidity and can lead to life-threatening sepsis or death. Preventing the extreme outcomes and saving lives is the driving force behind Covira mission.

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