Daiwa® + Rotai Team Up to Launch New Hybrid Massage Chair: L-track + Inversion Chair that Focuses on Deep Stretching

The creator of Daiwa premium massage chairs, U.S. Jaclean Inc., will unveil its luxurious Supreme Hybrid Massage Lounger at the CES Showstoppers event. Designed with Japanese massage therapists and experts in Shiatsu deep-tissue massage techniques, Reiki body manipulation and chiropractic techniques, the Supreme Hybrid brings the luxuries of a spa into the home.

Daiwa + Rotai Supreme Hybrid introduces its new HybriFlex™ Flexible Massage Track, a 49” L-shaped roller track that arches backward at an angle-range of 112.5 to 165.5 degrees – adding 50 degrees more stretch than a standard inversion stretch chair. This super flexible hybrid massage track combines the full coverage of a 49” track, with a full-body deep stretch that would rival any yoga class.  To capitalize on the extended reach the flexible track offers, the design engineers at Daiwa and Rotai separated the massage rollers into two independent parts, while adding 4 additional rollers, creating the FullBodyReach™ MultiStroke, which covers more area and provides greater extension than any other product on the market. The new hybrid style massage chair is available to the American market for the first time this winter.

Daiwa Massage Chair®, with its parent company U.S. Jaclean®, has been a dominant player in the U.S. massage chair market for 37 years. Daiwa Legacy and Daiwa Relax2Zero models were the first to introduce advanced, game-changing robotics that helped spark a rapidly growing consumer interest in at-home massage. With nine nationwide locations, Daiwa Massage is known for offering its comprehensive DaiwaCare™, which includes white glove delivery, full-time technicians, and lifetime customer aftercare.

Press are welcome to stop by for a unique massage experience designed to combat any aches and pains and recharge weary legs for the long haul.