Delta Dore reveals ONSEN™ the First ‘AI Hot Water Manager’ That Helps Reduce Costs and Energy Consumption.

Delta Dore will unveil its latest Smart Home innovation, ONSEN™ – The AI Hot Water Manager – designed to transform a regular electric water heater into a smart one. Thanks to ONSEN™ and its intuitive and user-friendly app, everything from daily consumption, price per shower to scheduling a hot shower will be available at the touch of a button.

How many people actually know the price of a shower or bath? Or the fact that a shower typically uses 60-80 litres of water*, whereas a bath requires approximately double that amount, and overall hygiene is responsible for 93% of water usage compared to 7% for food*? With its cutting-edge technology, Delta Dore’s breakthrough solution – ONSEN™ – addresses the common issue of insufficient hot water that affects 36% of European and American households*. Now users can control their second largest electricity expenditure in the household, hot water. The AI Hot Water Manager guarantees that in 2020 cold showers will be a thing of the past.

ONSEN™ is driven by artificial intelligence to ensure comfort, learning a family’s shower habits and kick-starting the water heater – that typically only heats during the night – when certain days clearly require more hot water than usual, such as after weekly sports activities. For the ‘out of the ordinary’ showers or the arrival of house guests, the ONSEN™ app allows users to know the availability of hot water at any given time and/or manually schedule hot showers if needed, receiving a smartphone notification when ready.