Designing conversations. Driving conversions

How many customers visit a brand’s website and leave without converting? How many customers click an ad with no further action? Up to 80% of customer web traffic exits without activation. What if you had a digital associate to engage these customers before they exit? ZEALS will empower brands to recapture and engage, driving quality conversions from customers that would have otherwise vanished.

Backed by Salesforce Ventures and others, ZEALS is the #1 conversational commerce solution in Japan, driving 9.6% conversion rate and $30M in monthly sales for over 480 large enterprises in a range of industries including cosmetics, food, human resources, education, telecommunications, automobiles, finance, real estate, fashion, and entertainment. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many brands have accelerated their plans to optimize the online channel experience, a trend that has fueled ZEALS’ growth and solidified the dominance in the Japan conversational commerce market.

How do we do this? ZEALS’ solution uses human-designed conversation flows in Instagram DMs to build a personalized experience. However, we are NOT another chatbot – we combine cutting edge chat technology with exceptional Japanese hospitality for unrivaled service – aka “Omentanashi”. In 2022, ZEALS launched in the US, enabling brands to offer an unrivaled Omentanashi experience in their digital consumer interactions.

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