Diver-X Releases Contact Glove, a haptic glove VR controller

Diver-X, a Japanese VR hardware startup, launched ContactGlove, a glove-type VR controller with haptic feedback. Users can recreate the realistic sensation of touching an object by simply wearing an ultra-lightweight glove. The product is currently available for pre-sale on Kickstarter starting at $420.(https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/diver-x/contact-glove

Contact Glove can accurately recreate the sensation of when you touch an object in a VR space. Using a tactile feedback module that uses shape memory alloy (SMA) coils developed by our company, pressure is applied to the ball of the finger to create a realistic tactile sensation.

Most existing haptic feedback gloves use vibration motors to simulate the sense of touch. Although tactile feedback using vibration motors has the advantage of making the device compact, the tactile sensation is not realistic at all.

However, Contact Glove implements a module that can apply pressure to the ball of the finger just as if it were touching or grasping an object in real life. We have also made the glove affordable and compact enough to be used by VR users in a realistic manner.