Dream GP measures foot morphology for custom insoles

Insoles are used to support body balance as well as for sports performance. In clinical field, several studies have reported the use of insoles for the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. Reports on insoles have also highlighted effects on preventing the transformation of the diabetic foot. Foot is the most important part of human body since it is the part that has direct contact with the floor. Most of insoles are custom made on the market and cannot fit properly individual shoes size.

It has become a major limitation for the manufacturer to measure the shape of the foot. Real foot insole from Dream GP Inc. has been developed to adapt to the shape of the foot. The real foot insole technique measures the three-dimensional shape of the foot at sitting and standing positions. We then create an individual database according to foot morphology of each subject. Each data is rectified digitally and the insole is fabricated according to individual foot shape.