Drive 24% safer with BlyncSync!

BlyncSyncAcross 5 trucking companies, drivers tested BlyncSync for 2 months at a time, and realized an average of 24% fewer unsafe driving indicators such as abrupt braking, speeding, and swerving.

BlyncSync has launched their LITE version on and is available for anyone to order. This first version features smart glasses that track blinking and posture with the nosepiece, and a phone app that syncs with the glasses, displays your body’s energy level (e.g. 85% out of 100%), and saves it on a timeline.

This is a unique approach because it focuses on the root cause of the issue, and provides data in advance to help with decision making even before the day begins: fatigue and distraction are the leading causes of traffic accidents, and knowing your body’s energy level gives you a sense of when you can expect to feel fatigued.

For trucking companies, fatigue is something they can now quantify and incorporate seamlessly to into their existing training and operations; enhancing safety awareness.

From a tech perspective, BlyncSync is revolutionary. BlyncSync is a device-agnostic platform, so as new wearable tech becomes available in the market, BlyncSync will be able to make them compatible, and be able to provide additional insight across multiple sources of data. This allows BlyncSync to be able to service a wide range of safety-concious industries.

The next wearables we are looking to integrate are the popular smart-watches. We are seeking investment growth capital.