DTS Play-Fi Accelerates Expansion Into Smart TVs

DTS Play-Fi is well recognized by the industry for its award-winning technology – creating a wireless audio streaming platform, seamlessly connecting TVs with multiple audio devices including sound bars and speakers, for an immersive home entertainment experience. Over the past year, the Play-Fi team has been diligently adding new partners to allow consumers more ways to access the content they want.

According to a recent consumer survey by DTS Play-Fi, 71% of respondents are more likely to purchase a TV that supports wireless surround sound speakers, compared with a TV that does not support this feature. Additionally, 58% of respondents are more likely to purchase a TV that can be used as part of a whole-home music system. DTS Play-Fi enables both, supporting multi-room music playback and wireless surround sound including the ability to connect TVs and speakers together for playback. Devices don’t need to be from the same brand, so consumers can mix and match to create the wireless entertainment setup they’re looking for.

By working directly with TV system-on-chip (SoC) manufacturers, reference platforms, and operating systems, DTS Play-Fi is making it easy for TV OEMs to adopt “Hi-Fi over Wi-Fi” in next-generation smart TVs – new partners include Mediatek, Hisense’s VidaaOS and Novatek Microelectronics.

DTS Play-Fi brings immersive, surround sound to any home and with the use of smart TVs anyone can have a seamless and synchronized home theater experience.