Eaglys secures data for always-encrypted safe use

In recent years, as the amount of data stored rapidly increases due to digital transformation trends, big data analysis, and AI development, has been leading to very rapid advances in the initiatives that utilize such data – as well as the need to distribute and exchange these data sets between entities.

On the other hand, one of the major issues with the growth of data as well as data sources, is the confidentiality and security of such centralized repositories. With conventional encryption technologies, the focus is on protecting data in storage or during transfer, meanwhile the protection of data in use has been a secondary concern. This necessitates the great efforts to restrict the locations where data is processed as well as which organizations have direct access to the data.

To alleviate this problem the concept of secure computing has been slowly coming into focus with regards to data management. In short it is a set of tools and to enable arbitrary data processing without the need to decrypt the data first. It breaks away from the conventional tradeoff between security and convenience when it comes to data utilization and has been attracting a lot of attention in recent days. Data security in the era of zero-trust computing requires and approach that protects the data itself rather than security measures that protect the boundaries containing such data; this can be achieved by secure computing methodologies.

EAGLYS has been conducting research and development on secure computing systems and methodologies since the company’s inception, under the business philosophy of creating a society where all data can be used safely. The company has received high recognition for its achievements from various parties, such as IEEE, ICT Spring Europe, Forbes Japan, and others. By focusing on solving performance issues which for a long time has been the largest hurdle in secure computing, we have succeeded in commercializing our proprietary technology ahead of the industry as a whole.

To that end we are happy to announces DataArmor Gate DB Edition, a proxy software for databases that realizes operations over always-encrypted data. The developer licenses are available as of January 27 this year, with the standard production license launch targeted for spring 2020.