Empath’s updates in the first half of 2019 and the very first showcase our new product, “Emotional Intelligence for Call Center” at IFA 2019

Empath is a Vocal Emotion AI which can identify 4 emotions such as joy, calm, anger, and sorrow, in addition to the energy point.

In the first half of 2019, we Empath experienced fruitful successes: we were accepted by Google Launchpad Accelerator, selected as J-Startup by Japanese Government, and won 8 international pitch competitions. which lead us to acquire 1,800 customers over 50 countries so far in multiple business sectors such as call center, mobility, robotics, and VR.

At IFA, we are happy to showcase one of our new product called “Emotional Intelligence for Call Center” which supports both operators and supervisors at call centers. For operators, we provide virtual assistant which could cheer operators up based on both operators’ and customers’ emotions so that operators could keep motivated. For supervisors, we provide a Android tablet to check which operators needs help in real-time based on the emotional state. We created this new product so that we could encourage both supervisors and operators to have better communication at their work which would also encourage them to improve both employee and customer satisfaction.

By using our new product, our customer achieved these results below:

(1) 20 % decrease of supervisors’ overtime work

(2) Improved the attendance rate of operators from 83% to 99%

(3) Improved sales conversion rate by about 380%