EVERYONE can now play a song they love – in seconds. On a light-up piano keyboard that’s not like anything you’ve seen before

It’s 2019. Drones are delivering our groceries. Every aspect of life has been sped up, or made more convenient, by mobile apps. So why is it so hard to learn to play the piano? How is it that songs, which are a simple joy to listen to, are almost impossible to learn to play without 100s of hours of practice and 1,000s of dollars in lessons?

That’s why ROLI, the London music technology company, developed LUMI. It’s the world’s most cutting-edge system for learning the piano. It teachers everyone — even people who have never touched a piano before — to play songs they love in seconds. A glowingly lit keyboard connects to an app full of popular songs. Just follow the lights on the keys and the colors of the app, and you’ll be playing in seconds.

You’ve got to play it, and hear it, to believe it. ROLI is showing LUMI exclusively at IFA for the first time since the end of their phenomenally successful Kickstarter campaign, which raised $2 million for this hardware-software platform that’s about to revolutionize music creation.