Fan-less Multi-Engine Multi-Core Edge AI Processor AiOnIc

ArchiTek, an Osaka-based AI startup, showcases AiOnIcTM, an edge-AI processor that requires no grid power while demonstrating best-in-class performance for battery-powered applications, such as drones, autonomous vehicles, robots, AR/VR headsets, and smart edge devices. Designed to run on an architecture that enables simultaneous computation of several AI algorithms, AiOnIc processes LiDAR data for localization and mapping and inputs from cameras more accurately and faster than any other leading edge-AI chips can at a fraction of their cost and power requirements.

We partnered with Toyota Industries to build a chip to power their automated guided vehicle. This chip is licensed to SocioNext for production and supply to Toyota. We have completed our Series C investment which has enabled us to build our own AiOnIc chip.

AiOnIc’s unique features:

  • Power consumption under 2W
    • Ideal for fanless, heatsink less operation
  • Performance above 6Tops
    • Adequate for realtime object detection (running YOLOv3) or pose detection (OpenPose)
  • Small and compact
    • 12mm x 12mm package (actual chip die size much smaller)
  • Low cost
    • Under $10
  • One chip solution
    • On chip peripherals such as CPU, ethernet controller, SD card controller, PCI, USB, SPI
    • Fixed function accelerators for pre and post image processing required for AI processing

AiOnIc Availability:

       2023. Currently under production @ TSMC using their 12nm process node.