Frequently Asked Questions

ShowStoppers is the premier media showcase event hosting receptions numerous times during the course of the year.

The ShowStoppers reception is a 3 or 4 hour – turnkey table top showcase where companies set up their products for demonstration.  We invite qualified journalists, industry leaders into the room. They work their way from table to table, discussing products, conducting interviews – all fueled by great food and drink.

We typically invite exhibiting companies to arrive 2 to 3 hours prior to the events starting time in order to prepare their space and relax before the event begins.   We post specific arrival /departure times with each event.

As part of your participation, ShowStoppers will produce a sign with your logo and or company name on it.  The sign will be placed on a pole adjacent to your table space.

Dimensions:  24″ x 12″



You are permitted to bring one (1) Roll up (2 for deluxe exhibitor)

  • Basic tables are 4 ft. wide x 30 in. (1.2m x 0.7m)
  • Standard tables are 6 ft. wide x 30 in. deep (1.8m x 0.7m)
  • Deluxe tables consist of 2 standard tables for a total of 12 ft. wide x 30 in. deep (3.6m x 0.7m)
  • Tables are raised to a 42 in. height for CES

All table sizes receive a black tablecloth covering all sides – Standard and Deluxe tables have the ShowStoppers logo in white & gold across the front.

There are several display items that we permit, within certain limitations. Here is a link with several table setups that are permitted: You may bring a tablecloth, overlay or throw with your own branding, but please do not attach anything to our tablecloths with adhesives. Popup displays on or behind your table are OK, but we ask that you keep any tabletop or freestanding display limited to 8 ft. in height from the floor and 6 ft. in width unless you have contracted for a Deluxe space where you can have a banner 10 ft wide.

Rollup banners are permitted as shown in the examples. They should not exceed 8 ft. in height. One (1) 30 in. wide rollup banners can go next to your table on one side. Additional banners must remain behind your table.

Display Backdrops are permitted as shown in the examples. For a standard or gold sized exhibit space, The backdrop may not exceed 8 ft. in height and 6 feet in width.

For a Deluxe or Platinum exhibit space, The backdrop may not exceed 8 ft. in height and 10 feet in width.
We do permit exceptions on a case by case basis and while we may be able to accommodate exceptions on site, we cannot guarantee that larger displays will be allowed without explicit prior approval. Any items requiring construction and installation would be included in this requirement.

  • Items wider than 6 ft. or taller than 8 ft.
  • Items attached with adhesive to the table and nothing attached to facility walls
  • Items in front of your table or encroaching upon the aisle
  • Freestanding lighting fixtures

Various size monitors with or without speakers are available for all of our events as a rental.    If ordered our team will place the monitor in your exhibit space prior to  your arrival for you to simply plug your device into.  Pricing is provided in your exhibitor portal.

Both wired and wireless Internet services for all or our events are available.   Typically our European events include basic wireless at no additional cost.  There is a fee for our domestic events.  Please see our pricing schedule in your exhibitor portal.

ShowStoppers provides each company basic electrical services behind or below their table. The voltage for this current event is country specific.   120V Domestic / 220v European

Please ensure that you bring with you the appropriate adapters to connect your electrical equipment to the country specific  wall outlet. Each exhibitor space will be provided a multiple outlet strip. While we do carry additional outlet strips, we strongly recommend that if you plan on bringing many devices which require power, you should bring additional outlet strips.

For many of our events, both inbound and outbound shipping services are offered.  More detailed information including pricing and order forms are available within the exhibitor portal.