FirmTech Is Making Sexual Wellness About Better Health, Happiness, and Fun

We founded FirmTech with the goal of graphically visualizing men’s sexual health in order to sustain it for a lifetime of lovemaking. With objective data, men can make better decisions about their medications, use of alcohol and drugs, diet, and exercise. Additionally, we want men to enjoy more satisfying sexual experiences. We are proud to be bringing FirmTech’s first-in-the-world sextech innovation to Showstoppers, CES, and mankind.

The Performance Ring helps men with Erectile Dysfunction (ED), those suffering from other sexual issues, and men simply looking to enhance their sexual experience and functioning. The Performance Ring can increase the sensitivity, duration of erections, and intensity of orgasms for the wearer. 

The TechRing includes smart-sensor technology that can be worn overnight and during sex as a diagnostic aid. The complementary easy-to-use phone app securely records and stores data which can then be privately shared with clinicians or partners. Recommended by urologists, the Tech Ring is the world’s first “under” wearable.  A decline in nocturnal erections is commonly an indicator of cardiovascular and other health problems. We like to describe the Tech Ring as “an EKG for men’s most favorite and vital organ.”

Designed by expert bioengineers and urologists, the Tech Ring is now available direct-to-consumer for $275 here. The Performance Ring also can be purchased for $65 hereMore information about FirmTech is available at