French startup Prêt à Pousser at IFA to unveil Multo, the new indoor farm

Prêt à Pousser (which literally means “ready to grow” in French), the startup that creates and markets connected indoor gardens, will participate for the first time at IFA. With a unique range of indoor gardens and a strong ambition to expand internationally, Prêt à Pousser is preparing to present the future of the category with MULTO, its new XXL indoor garden furniture with a nutritional vocation.

To meet the growing appetite for self-production of Europeans, Prêt à Pousser launches MULTO, its connected indoor farm. With MULTO, we go from a recreational vegetable garden – fun, with an occasional supply of plants for the cook – to a truly nourishing vegetable garden! Because it is no longer 3 or 4 plants that are grown simultaneously, but up to fifty, to be able to provide a family with salads and aromatic herbs, all year long.

Zucchinis, Eggplants, Squash, Beans, Peas, Radishes and Microgreens join the range, which is enlarged by more than fifteen varieties. Always accessible and easy to use, this new garden is up to 200% more productive than existing home gardens thanks to the use of a hydroponic technology called “ebb and flow,” used for the first time in a consumer product. The result: salads twice as big, tomato and bell pepper plants that produce up to 3 times more fruit. Launched in crowdfunding, Multo has generated more than 450K€ of pre-orders in a few weeks.