Fueled By Proteomics, iuno Launches Proprietary Personalized Skincare System

iuno launches a truly customized and personalized skincare system, the first on the market to be powered by proteomics. Proteomics, the study of our protein make-up, is a significant advancement in the science behind skincare since proteins change over time in response to lifestyle, diet, and environment—revealing an unprecedented level of understanding of our skin health and potential for the proactive care, treatment and strengthening of our skin.

Clients will receive fully customized skin treatments in 28-day cycles—a timeframe deliberately chosen to align with the average time it takes for our skin cells to turnover. Users will then track their skin’s daily progress using a smartphone app that captures 6400 data points through a 3D model of the face. From the initial sample, to the bespoke treatment, to regular data collection, this is a complete and ongoing skin care regimen, using biochemistry in previously impossible ways and eliminating guesswork from our skin care routines. 

“This emerging field of next-gen proteomics is, in our opinion, right at the precipice (next 1-2 years) of explosive growth that will fundamentally change how we study biology as well as healthcare.” – Anu

With the inception of this pilot product, iuno aims to incorporate the use of proteomics into daily, individualized health offerings with potential to expand beyond skincare alone.

The iuno program is available in three-, six-, or twelve-month subscriptions for $199/month via www.iuno.bio.