Get rid of your keys and access your apartment keyless  – meet the retrofit Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 and Nuki Opener

The vision of creating a holistic, smart and secure access system has been our goal since our start in 2014. Following the launch of the Nuki Smart Lock and its second, improved generation – Nuki Smart Lock 2.0 -, we proudly announce a retrofit solution for the main entrance doors of multi-party buildings: the Nuki Opener.

Just like the Nuki Smart Lock, the Opener can simply be retrofitted with the app tutorial and turns intercoms into smart entry systems. The Nuki Opener allows you to control your intercom system via your smartphone and offers a multitude of really handy core features for your everyday life:

Open door via Nuki app: Logical but inevitable. By using this feature, you activate the buzzer of your front door, so you can open the main entrance door via the app. Of course, the whole thing works remotely, if you want to open the door for someone else, such as a parcel deliverer or your cleaning aid, even if you’re currently not in your apartment.

Ring to Open:  When you activate the Ring to Open feature, your smartphone detects when you are near your front door. As soon as you ring at your apartment, the buzzer opens your front door and you can enter the house without a key or app. Basically that’s Auto Unlock for your intercom system.

Continuous Mode: This mode allows you to automatically open the door at a defined time when you are ringing.

Ring Suppression: This feature allows you to choose not to ring your bell when using, for example, the Ring to Open feature. A useful feature if you come home late in the evening by Ring to Open while your children are sleeping.

The Nuki Opener is the perfect addition to our existing product portfolio‘, says Martin Pansy, founder and CEO of the Autrian Nuki Home Solutions GmbH. ‚About 50% of the European population live in apartment buildings. With the Nuki Opener we can now enable completely keyless access from the road to the living room for renters and owners of flats.’