Graffity collaborates with Qualcomm and Nreal to launch two AR games using AR glasses at CES

Graffity, Tokyo-based AR Entertainment Company to Show Two AR Games with AR Glasses at CES

Graffity has launched two AR games using AR glasses, GrooveWave and SushiCraft collaborates with Qualcomm and Chinese AR glasses startups Nreal at CES 2023. AR rhythm game Groove Wave utilizes AR glasses Nreal Light developed by Nreal. SushiCraft, an AR sushi making game, utilizes Snapdragon Spaces, a development tool for AR glasses provided by Qualcomm, and AR glasses Think Reality A3, provided by Lenovo. Graffity is looking for partners who want to develop AR entertainment content using our patented multiplayer AR technology and knowledge of game planning and development.


GrooveWave is an AR rhythm game with Nreal Light

Groove Wave is a rhythm game fighting against enemies on the battlefield which expands the entire room * You must purchase Nreal Light to play. Download is free.


SushiCraft is an AR sushi making game with Snapdragon Spaces

SushiCraft is a AR sushi making game where you make sushi and compete for a score using hand tracking
* You must purchase Think Reality A3 to play. Download is free.

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