Haptics Metaverse Gloves with Conductive Fiber

Made of our proprietary and patented conductive fibers, “Haptics Metaverse Gloves Powered by LEAD SKIN” is a wearable interface capable of detecting the user’s finger bending movements while also enabling them to feel the metaverse objects that they “touch.” The gloves are designed to let people explore and enjoy the metaverse more freely and intuitively, without having to hold and operating a bulky remote control in their hands. The gloves’ signature material is “LEAD SKIN,” is our proprietary and patented conductive fibers technology, which enables the sensors in the glove to detect finger-bending movements through the measurement of the current impedance from the expansion and contraction of the fabric. In addition, the gloves can transmit electrical pulses through the fabric to provide haptic responses to touches on the palm and fingers.


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