Heatstroke Watch : A new wearable bringing personal protection against heatstroke 

Biodata bank, a Japan based start-up, has decided to tackle the global heatstroke epidemic. Because of global warming, more people are suffering from heatstroke, an emergency and life-threatening situation when core body temperature goes beyond 40°C. Despite stronger policies, heat-stroke still tops the list of weather-related deaths for the last thirty years in Europe and in the USA.

Siding apart from the main stream prevention approach based on meteorological information and general recommendation Biodata bank is pushing to the market a smart band able to evaluate core body temperature changes and alert the users in case of a sudden and dangerous increase in temperature. At the heart of this innovation is a new  algorithm and patented temperature sensor.

With sales starting in Japan this year, Biodata bank is targeting the European market for its first International development. Its European subsidiary is incubated in station F in Paris, the world’s biggest incubator and is moving forward on the construction market, the silver economy market and the leisure market.