Homey, Europe’s most popular and privacy-friendly smart home hub, announces U.S. retail launch

HomeyWe’re excited to unveil two new smart home products at CES 2022:

Homey Bridge is an easy-to-use, affordable smart home hub that connects more than 50,000 smart home devices from more than 1,000 brands and features home control, monitoring, automation and energy savings. Homey Bridge retails at $69 and will be available starting January 18th at Amazon, BestBuy, The Home Depot and other big box retailers.  It can currently be ordered in beta via the Homey website.

Homey App allows users to customize and automate their entire smart home experience based on personal habits and preferences.  The app can be used to control smart home devices — either via Homey Bridge, or as an app-only solution without the need for Homey hardware. The free version of the Homey app controls up to five devices. The premium version enables an entire household to connect an unlimited number of smart devices, and is available for $2.99 per month.

Unlike the Big Tech giants, Homey is built privacy-first. It doesn’t listen in or sell any customer data, nor does it use personal information to create user profiles or targeted advertisements. It also provides energy usage data to increase each home’s sustainability and decrease its climate impact.

Homey comes packed with features — including Flow, Insights and Energy — which were developed over the past seven years for the Homey Pro smart home hub in the European market.

Access the Homey press kit here. Watch a teaser video of Homey here.