hoogo presents the world’s first flexible vacuum cleaner nozzle

The hoogo brand flip-flop nozzle will revolutionize the floorcare market. 

The completely new type of nozzle fits all commercially available vacuum cleaners and will simplify and revolutionize the cleaning of carpets and hard surfaces. With the two movable wings the flipflop adapts to the width of the room and effortlessly cleans in every corner and around every obstacle. Annoying moving of the furniture is no longer necessary, saves time and is easy on your back. The flip-flop nozzle cleans edges and skirting boards with the full width of the flexible blade.  The nozzle picks up larger amounts of dirt than conventional nozzles, which only have small contact surfaces on the edges.

Fully automatic from 13.8 in (35 cm) to 4.7 in (12 cm) width

The price for the European Market: 69,99 EUR

The price for U.S. Market will be defined as soon as possible.

The distribution channels in EU: Webshop, Amazon, Stationary Retailer

The distribution channels in U.S.: tbd

The link for detailed information: https://www.hoogo.world/flipflop

The link for an english teaser: https://vimeo.com/660861974

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