Hoop Reinvents the Home Security Camera for Today’s Modern Lifestyles

Hoop, the company creating new solutions in smart home technology, is announcing two unique indoor security cameras — Hoop Cam and Hoop Cam Plus, the latter of which includes 350-degree panning and 45-degree tilt capabilities. Both models are thoughtfully designed with you in mind, serving as clever helpers that provide you with key information about your home. You can easily integrate Hoop cameras into your existing Amazon Alexa and Google Nest smart home ecosystem. Hoop Cam and Hoop Cam Plus work with Alexa Show and Google Nest Hub, allowing you to view the live camera feed from different areas of your home. Hoop Cam and Hoop Cam Plus are first in line from the Hoop brand’s suite of products coming in 2020, and are available now for $89.99 and $129.99 respectively, through myhoophome.com and Amazon.com. Cloud subscriptions start at $12.99 per month for the first three cameras and $1.99 more for each additional camera. Both cameras are available in five stylish colors: red, grey, white, green, and blue, to compliment any home decor.

The dedicated myhoophome app recognizes members of your household and alerts you when they come home. It also ensures that your family is always running on time, and lets you know when they are not. Hoop uses reminders to help you remember important tasks and alerts you when unrecognized people are in your home. Both Hoop devices allow you to create customized profiles and routines using the mobile application. You can register each member of your household with a unique profile and set specific routines, such as when your child should be leaving for school and what time you expect them to be home after extracurricular activities. Hoop cameras also provide relevant, real-time alerts and notifications. No more unnecessary motion or sound alerts. With facial recognition, Hoop will let you know right away when your family members arrive home from work or school and can alert you if they don’t arrive on time, keeping your family on track.

Reminders can be set to deliver a specific notification as soon as the camera recognizes a person, helping you to remember important events and tasks. Set a reminder to take out the trash, and Hoop can send a text, pop-up notification, or use text-to-speech to remind a family member out loud to get the chore done. If the Hoop camera sees an unknown face, movement, or hears certain sounds, like alarms, the Hoop app will prompt you to take immediate action, giving you peace of mind. Both cameras include 1080p wireless video streaming, night vision, and motion-sensing technology. A microphone and speaker allow two-way, real-time communication between the app and whoever is in front of the camera. The installation and setup process is a breeze and usually takes less than ten minutes, as Hoop does not require a base hub, and the app can connect as many Hoop cameras as needed. The Hoop Cam Plus is motorized, allowing for full 350-degree panning and a 45-degree vertical tilt up and down, giving you a full range of motion when viewing your room’s surroundings. Videos can easily be stored on MicroSD or through the Hoop cloud service.