How safe is your work environment? New device tests it

STEALTHO has reimagined the organizer from a health perspective. The HWE Station includes sensors that can inform users about HWE Index, which is a ratio of the temperature, humidity and CO2 readings. Consumers can use the index to determine:

  • Whether there is sufficient oxygen for full operation of the lungs
  • Whether the indoor environment might allow COVID-19 to spread, and
  • Whether nasal mucosa in the nose might be able to function well and successfully filter allergens, viruses and other pathogens.

Like the previous model of STEALTHO organizer, the Healthy Work Environment Station is a durable, polycarbonate, modular product designed to provide access to both traditional work tools (e.g., pencil holder, writing board) and contemporary technologies. It incorporates features such as MagSafe Magnetic charging for Apple phones (15 Watt capacity), wireless charging for Air Pods, a USB hub (Type C Thunderbolt 3.0 for 60 Watt devices), HDMI 4K port and more.