How to give children access to music without handing over a phone or a tablet? Discover Jooki, the jukebox for kids!

Jooki is THE kid-friendly audio system.

It’s a real music player, but it’s built for kids. Children can enjoy it on their own, without any help from their parents. Each character-based figurine, configured by mom or dad, is a playlist of parent-approved music: it can stream from Spotify or Deezer, or play audio files stored in Jooki’s own storage. Children just have to pop a figurine on top of Jooki, and music plays!

Cute figurines to listen to all the music kids want — With five cute little figurines to trigger playlists, kids are fully autonomous to play the music they want.

Think of the figurines as 3D characters CDs, but each list of songs is curated by the parents. With the Jooki app, parents can either stream playlists from Spotify and Deezer and link them to any figurine, or upload content (MP3 files or from iTunes) directly onto Jooki (with a micro-SD card up to 32Go, more than 1000 songs can be stored). This way, Jooki can also be listened to when there is no wifi around: in the park, at the beach or in the car.

A great alternative to screen time — Everyone is now aware that it is best to limit screen time for young children, but we also know how difficult it is to find a real alternative that kids will love just as much. Jooki offers a solution to replace screens each time children want to listen to music or to a story. Using the figurines, children will choose what they want to listen to without being stuck behind a screen. Kids are free again to dance, play, do all sorts of activities while listening to their favorite music.

Listen to audio stories instead of watching a cartoon — Jooki even allows parents to promote specific without-screen moments, like listening to an audio story instead of watching a cartoon. Spotify and Deezer – now available on Jooki – both offer great content for kids, dedicated playlists for the youngest and even an impressive catalogue of audio stories in many different languages (German is very well represented). It is also always possible to upload audio stories from CDs or iTunes directly onto Jooki.

In a nutshell, Jooki is a beautifully designed audio system with quality and user experience first in mind. It’s a real music speaker with high-quality sound, but it has been built for children and is fully childproof.

Jooki retails at 199€ from the webshop and on,,,,,

MuuseLabs, the startup behind Jooki, will be at Showstoppers IFA 2018. Theodore Marescaux, CEO of MuuseLabs, will be attending.