Humetrix Introduces WhatMeds for Your Mobile Wallet — Lets 50M Medicare Beneficiaries Access & Share Prescriptions

When visiting the doctor one of the first questions you’re asked is: “What medications are you taking?” To help accurately answer that question Humetrix is introducing WhatMeds™, the first mobile wallet enabled health application for medication management that will let 50M Medicare enrollees & 40M family caregivers securely access and share their medication list with providers to better manage their healthcare and help avoid preventable and at times dangerous medical errors.

Kept in your mobile wallet, WhatMeds lets you directly access Medicare for prescribed meds or enter other meds with a search function. To coordinate care, simply share your meds list in WhatMeds with your medical team. Simply:

  • Select the medications to share via the WhatMeds wallet card.
  • Show your doctor the wallet card QR code to scan.
  • Authorize sharing and for how long via a WhatMeds generated text.

WhatMeds is the first health wallet application approved by Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services and meets all their security and privacy requirements for access and use of Medicare data.