Imagine Radar applications for contactless sensing to stay close to our lives

Radar technology can measure distance and Azimuth — but it can also be our sensor.

Sakura Tech demonstrates miRadar 8, a small and handy-sized Vital Sign Sensor using the company’s 24GHz FMCW MIMO Radar platform. Since it is used Radar platform, contactless sensing is possible even through blankets, clothing and wood doors. Also, it contains onboard display so user can confirm Heart and Respiration rates in real time so that it is widely applicable in people detection applications such as office/home entrance, private room of toilet/bathroom, care-house, and security check at airport.

In Healthcare applications, in addition to distance and azimuth, heart and respiration rates can be measured and detected at the same time even when blanket and clothing exist, and the results can be monitored through an internet and smartphone. In the healthcare applications, the primary areas are a watching over people in need of long-term care and monitoring the condition at the care houses.

In security applications, since the system can detect a human by monitoring of Heart and Respiration rates, it can be used as a sensor for intruder detection in a house or any unauthorized area.