Introducing Distraction-Free Distance Learning

COVID-19 has caused American children’s screen time to skyrocket 500%. With the majority of students participating in some form of online schooling, screen time — and parents’ frustration managing online school work — continues to grow.

Circle’s new Focus Time setting — which was officially announced today — is the feature parents have been waiting for.

Circle CEO Anne Bryan says, “After hearing about our customers’ struggles to be both parent and teacher while trying to work remotely, we built this new essential tool.”

With Focus Time, it’s easy for parents to specify designated “school hours,” during which children can only access the websites, online tools and apps they need for schoolwork, while blocking everything else.

Says one Circle user, “My daughter needs to use the Internet to do her homework … I wish I could pause certain apps without pausing all access (to the Internet).”

Wish granted.