Introducing Roborock S5 Max: Everyday Mopping Made Easy

Everyone hates chores. No one loves to vacuum, and definitely, no one loves to mop. But that doesn’t mean mopping should be ignored. It’s one of the best ways to rid your home of tiny fibers, little hairs, and – for anyone with allergies – everything from dander to pollen. That’s why Roborock has created the S5 Max, the easiest way to start mopping every day.

Roborock robots have been recognized for their remarkable intelligence by media all over Europe and the US, most obviously in the way that they use precision LIDAR scanning and advanced algorithms to not only map a room but to understand it. This means they are able to clean rooms quickly, efficiently, and logically, without any of the frustrations that other robot vacuums may cause.

Now with the Roborock S5 Max, it is bringing some of its intelligence to mopping. Equipped with an extra-large water tank and an electronic water pump that shares technology with pumps used in critical scenarios – including hospital IV drips – it offers a new level of convenience to users. It also unlocks a range of new mopping abilities that would never have been possible with a simple gravity-fed system.

Unique S5 Max features:

  • Total Water Shutoff – Water does not drip when mopping is not engaged, so that water can be stored ready for a scheduled mop
  • Precision Water Management – Fine control over the amount of water used means users can choose the best amount for cleaning different floor types
  • No Mop Zones – Virtual no-mop zones automatically activate when the mop pad is attached, allowing users to mopping schedules without worrying about soaking their carpets
  • Selective Room Mopping – Schedule mopping for different rooms, and using different amounts of water
  • Mechanically Sprung Mop Pad – Spring loading the mop pad replaces varying pressure with a constant 300g of cleaning force throughout the clean

Returning Roborock Highlights:

  • Intense Suction – Suction powerful enough to lift AA batteries brings up the toughest dirt, even with a full dustbin
  • Adaptive Route Algorithms – Clean faster with adaptive algorithms that calculate the most efficient way to clean an entire room based on its shape and the locations of obstacles
  • Precision LIDAR – +/-2cm accurate maps, created in real-time at 300RPM