Introducing the Surfer S1: Revolutionizing Pool Cleaning with Innovative Technology

While it’s important, pool maintenance can be a laborious, expensive, and time-intensive task. That’s why Aiper invested in R&D to produce products that merge technology with innovative design to create effective and easy-to-use pool cleaning solutions.

Expanding their portfolio of pool cleaning products, Aiper debuts at IFA 2023 its first cordless robotic pool skimmer, the Surfer S1. Ridding pool surfaces of debris, the Surfer S1 is a smart, solar-powered robot that provides up to 10-hours of efficient surface cleaning. Added features are available with the accompanying free mobile app to monitor performance, check battery levels, receive alerts and more. Customizable, choose from two cleaning modes including automatic cleaning or remote cleaning to manually pilot the device via the app to target elusive debris. In addition to the eco-friendly solar charging, the Surfer S1 has magnetic charging in the event of overcast skies. Addressing consumer pain-points, the robot also features anti-beaching columns that prevent it from getting stuck.

Because the Surfer S1 does all the work, pool owners can spend less time cleaning their pool and more time enjoying swimming in it. With the intent to Bring Vacation Home, Aiper is inspiring pool owners to embrace their vacation mentality by turning their backyard into a personal oasis with the help of smarter technology solutions, like the Surfer S1.

The Surfer S1 will be unveiled at IFA 2023 and will launch in Q1 2024.