Introducing the world’s most powerful and compact portable blender

Years of world-class design and engineering expertise led us to create BlenderCap™, the most powerful, most compact, and most portable blender imaginable.

BlenderCap (MSRP $129) will forever change the way you make blended drinks in the kitchen and everywhere you go. Never again will you have to consume another warm protein shake or smoothie at the gym. Nor will you be forced to sit beach or poolside without a batch of frozen cocktails in hand.

Our next generation battery technology is so powerful that BlenderCap can blend gallons of frozen drinks on a single charge — that’s right, gallons … And its nine high-discharge lithium-ion cells can be recharged anywhere, just like your phone, using your home, office, or car chargers.

BlenderCap is the only ultra high-powered portable blender that combines with a vacuum insulated bottle to keep drinks cold for up to 24 hours. It fits premium Cruz bottles and many other wide mouth bottles you already own.

With BlenderCap, Cruz delivers an unprecedented level of power and portability. And this is only the beginning. 

Launching January 2023

Visit to learn more about Cruz™ and pre-order the BlenderCap™.