ITRI detects pesticides, sterilizes, optimizes sleeping environment

ITRI demos innovations in smart living.

Intelligent UV Direct Drinking Water Sterilizer

The Intelligent UV Direct Drinking Water Sterilizer is designed to disinfect household drinking water and reduce the risks of bacterial contamination by killing 99.9% of germs such as E.coli. Its UVC LED light disinfection module includes small size, low power consumption, and long lifespan features as opposed to the conventional mercury lamp disinfection systems. A smart sensor is embedded to activate the UVC LEDs when water flow is detected. The sterilizer is able to purify 2 liters of water per minute. It will also monitor UV light intensity during disinfection and let users know when to change the LEDs. The device can be integrated with the water filter system and is capable of connecting with the IoT network for smart home applications, making it convenient to manage the safety of direct drinking water.

Genki Bot

Using AI technology, ITRI’s Genki Bot is designed to learn and optimize the sleep environment for individual users. Through the interaction between the device and users, the AI algorithms enable Genki Bot to recommend the best environmental parameters, such as songs, sounds, and lighting. It can also measure temperature and humidity and detect CO. Adopted from the Taoism of ancient China, “Genki” means the internal energy of body and mind, which will eventually become one’s wisdom. Thus ITRI has developed this intelligent bot for people to enjoy a better and healthier life.


HALO: A Smart Device for You to Eat Clean, co-developed by Asensetek

HALO, co-developed by Asensetek and ITRI on the basis of the Pesticide Residue Detection Technology, makes its first public appearance at IFA 2018. It is an innovative device that helps ensure fruits and vegetables are clean and safe to consume. Its optical detection technology and dynamic degradative algorithm not only allows users to see the pesticide concentration level on their fruits and vegetables, but also notifies them of the safe range for consumption while washing. The different colors emitted from the “HALO” will project the cleansing status.