KODAK returns to IFA with its ever-expanding instant print line, digital film scanners and portable projectors

The latest product of the SMILE instant print line, the KODAK SMILE Classic Instant Print Digital Camera will debut at IFA, along with the KODAK SMILE Instant Print Digital Camera and the KODAK SMILE Instant Digital Printer. Both the SMILE Classic and the SMILE Printer are equipped with AR capabilities that allow for a video with sound to be embedded into a photo before printing. Videos in each photo can be viewed by scanning via the KODAK SMILE app.

KODAK’s digital film scanners will also be on display. The new lightweight Mini Digital Film Scanner converts 35mm, 126, 110, Super 8 and 8mm film negatives and slides to a digital format that can be saved to an SD card or transferred to a computer or laptop. For those only looking to view their slides, the new 35mm Slide Viewer comes with a powerful backlit light box and magnifies images by 3X. Making a second appearance at IFA, the SCANZA, will be on display. It is a slightly larger version of the Mini Digital Film Scanner and comes with an HDMI cord.

The newest of KODAK’s projector line, the LUMA series, will also be on display. The LUMA 75, LUMA 150 and LUMA 350 are all very lightweight and are designed with a simple plug-and-play operation system. The brightest and most robust of the line, the LUMA 350, can project video and images up to 200 inches and is equipped with an Android OS giving users access to wireless networks for web browsing, downloading apps and more.