Launching at IFA – Gulp from Matter

Gulp from Matter is an external, retrofittable washing machine filter that catches up to 91 percent of all microfibres from every laundry cycle, giving the user plastic-free washing with zero replacement filter costs and no additional waste. Gulp can be easily installed and is suitable for all European washing machines. It’s compatible with any detergent and does not require replacement filters or other parts. The versatility of being able to position Gulp on top of a washing machine and low down beside a machine makes it ideal for the European market.

The filtered microfibres caught by Gulp, a substance which is like the lint from a tumble dryer, can be sent to Matter HQ. Matter is working to utilise this residual waste by recycling it for reuse, closing the loop on microplastics.

Gulp is a sustainable piece of technology that empowers people to become part of the solution and make a real difference. By targeting existing machines with an external solution and developing technology for future integration into washing machines Matter is tackling the problem from all angles. Gulp will provide a full circular model for the material captured, spare parts and end of life recycling.

Entering the market in spring 2024 Matter is finalizing launch plans and is looking for partners to maximise the opportunity. Interested parties are invited to the Matter stand (Hall 27, stand 620) where they can get hands on with Gulp and see the unique technology in action. Find out more at