LIFX – Lighting reimagined for the smart home future

Founded in Melbourne in 2012 when talk of a smart home was just whispers and dreams, LIFX launched the first ever multicoloured LED Wi-Fi light and has since grown to become a global challenger and innovator in smart home lighting technology.

Under the leadership in Australia of Co-Founder and CPO/CTO, Marc Alexander, the company is pushing the boundaries both locally and internationally to go beyond just smart lighting technology and evolve its customer experience – offering applications that really impact and add value to the lives of its users.

The smart lighting technology is extremely user-friendly and only requires the touch of smartphone via the LIFX app to operate, or alternatively can be used via tablet or voice control.

From turning lights on and off, to a full spectrum of colours and “moods”, day and dusk automation as well as many other design-orientated and lifestyle functions such as applications for sleep, entertaining and security – there are endless opportunities for customising and interacting within your home.

“In my own home, I use LIFX lights for everything! We have Tile transforming the feel of our living room, in place of what used to be an art canvas. Beam is around a bedroom door frame changing the feel of the back of the house, and I have 40-something lights in my home, many are in our rooms and living areas, some in groups for testing and some are prototypes and samples of new products to come,” revealed Alexander.

With smart home innovation only set to continue to gain momentum in the European market, LIFX is the company that is shaping the global industry and world into a smarter future.