Live life leak free with Elitone

1 in 3 women suffer from weak pelvic floor disorders, which can cause issues including embarrassing leaks, known as incontinence. Elidah, a femtech medical device startup, is excited to introduce ELITONE® – the first non-intrusive treatment to tone pelvic floor muscles. ELITONE is a pelvic floor exerciser that delivers therapeutic stimulation and performs pelvic floor exercises for you, but longer and stronger than you can on your own. ELITONE’s patented design maximizes comfort and efficacy, for the perfect stress incontinence pelvic floor therapy.

With ELITONE, no one will know a woman is getting toned as the device is worn under clothes for a short twenty minute treatment. Use it whenever and wherever without a need for a private space or dedicated time. Activities that may have once seemed off limits because of leaking – including dancing, hiking, going to the gym and more – are now back on the table.

Gloria Kolb, CEO and Co-founder of Elidah is excited to bring this technology to women worldwide. “It’s a problem not everyone is comfortable talking about, but as a woman, with decades of experience in medical device development, I knew we needed an easier, more comfortable option. Invasive surgery isn’t always warranted and internal devices or physical therapy can be uncomfortable, or even taboo in some cultures. With proven efficacy from clinical studies, ELITONE will allow women to get back to an active life leak-free.” For more information, visit