Maktar introduces the easiest way of smartphone backup

Every Qubii from Maktar feature was designed with the user in mind:

  • Automatic Backup When Plugged In
  • Suitable for iOS & Andorid
  • Patented SD card lock function – easily lock SD card with one click
  • Non-Interface Technology – Qubii Backs Up in the Background
  • Photos Automatically Categorized by Dates and Devices
  • Replaceable microSD for Limitless Storage
  • Elegant Design in Portable Size – Perfect for Home and Travel


Set It and Forget It. Every Qubii comes with an easy to use app, just set up your backup preferences when you first plug in and you‘re done. Just sit back and watch Qubii back up your device automatically.


Flexible Access Across-Devices . Unlike other local backup solutions, you can access your files on a laptop and mobile phone. That means you can use Qubii to transfer files between devices or just simply browse your photos on your phone – it’s that easy.

Smart Tech that Organizes. Qubii’s built-in Smart Tech automatically categorizes your backup by date and device so you can easily organize your files. It can even remember where your backup left off so you won’t have duplicate photos to sort through later.