Meaco — choosing the right fan

Meaco fanAfter yet another summer of record breaking temperatures across Europe, the Award-winning MeacoFans are the best solution to cool you down in a heatwave. These fans are specially designed to create a more comfortable environment during the heat. What you should look out for when buying a fan: 


Has the fan been recognised for low noise, low energy or manufacturing quality? Our MeacoFans have been recognised and highly rated by Which?, Quiet Mark, Good Housekeeping Institute, and Stiftung Warentest and have been highly rated by all of these trusted organisations.

Low noise

When you compare MeacoFans with others on the market, the noise level is low. For a similar cooling experience, our fans are a lot quieter and cost less to use per hour than other fans. In their low fan speed settings, all our fans are between 20 to 30 dB – about the same sound intensity as a whisper.

Low Energy Cooling

The price is always a driving factor in which fan you choose, but we recommend that consumers look beyond this. What might seem a good deal, could result in higher running costs overall. That’s why we encourage our customers to check whether their fan is powered by AC/DC. 

On highest fan speed our MeacoFan 1056 and 1056P have an approximate electricity cost of less than 0,8cents/hour based on 34,64cents/kWh. So if you used your fan for 12 hours a day from the months of May to September, you would save circa 70% in electricity over a standard AC fan over the summer!