Meet Amber from LatticeWork and see how the future of Intelligent Storage is evolving

Meet Amber and see how the future of Intelligent Storage is evolving. Making its European debut at Showstoppers, Amber is an all-in-one, cloud-attached, Smart Storage platform – providing consumers all the convenience of cloud storage without the sacrifice of digital privacy. Powered by on-device AI, Amber allows users to easily backup, protect and organise digital data on-premise with the ability to securely access remotely via the world’s first Personal Hybrid Cloud. Come learn how Amber is transforming the connected storage market for consumers!

Founded by Dr. Pantas Sutardja, former CTO + Co-Founder of semiconductor giant Marvell Technology Group, Amber is the flagship product from LatticeWork. With a team of Storage and Cloud experts, Amber has been engineered to provide enterprise grade cloud and storage solutions – for the everyday consumer. With industry-leading security, encryption and an effortless user experience, Amber bundles a powerful combination of AI-Powered Software, Dual HDD Storage, Intel CPU and High-Speed Wi-Fi Router – to create a platform that securely protects videos, photos and all your digital assets – whilst providing seamless access and streaming of media files from anywhere in the world.