Meet Carta: The World’s First Digital Measuring Wheel To Virtually Map Any Outdoor Space

Plott, creators of the “LetsPlott” Platform – the world’s only DIY platform that allows users to take their real design concepts into the AR realm and back to reality with precise measurements and calculations, is announcing the availability of Carta at CES 2020, the latest addition to Plott’s Extended Reality tools. Carta is the first digital measuring wheel to virtually map any outdoor space utilizing the revolutionary LetsPlott platform, winner of the Best of Innovation AR/VR in the CES 2019 Innovation Awards. Carta lets users create maps in real-time and instantly calculate distance, perimeter and area, ensuring accurate measurements for virtually any outdoor project, including landscaping, construction, road building and more.

Before Carta, measuring large areas would require multiple professionals and an inherent risk of incorrect measurements that ultimately left users with painstaking calculations and no visible context. Plott’s new hardware makes measuring and calculating spaces easier, interactive and more intuitive. From idea, to design, then back to reality, see for yourself at ShowStoppers how Plott’s award-winning technology and tools for anyone from the beginner DIY landscaper to professional construction worker, simplifies creative projects.