Meet Chris, your new digital assistant.

Chris from German AutoLabs is a new smart device that helps you stay safely connected on the road.

Distracted driving is a huge problem on today’s roads. Drivers take calls, send text messages and check their social media while driving, which distracts them from the road and causes accidents.

Chris solves this problem. A voice assistant that works just like a co-driver, Chris enables drivers to stay safely connected while they drive. Branded ‘the Alexa for automotive’, Chris connects with drivers’ smartphones and lets them control calls, messages, navigation and music by voice, so they can stay focused on driving and aren’t tempted to pick up their phones. Chris also works offline, so losing signal in a tunnel isn’t a problem.

For scenarios in which only a simple command is needed, such as skipping a song, Chris also has a gesture sensor. The driver can use easy hand gestures to choose which contact to call or to turn up the volume. This provides an easy and less-distracting alternative to fiddly infotainment systems.

Unlike pre-installed systems, Chris works in any car, regardless of its age or model. It looks great on any dashboard, supports iOS and Android, is easy-to-install and not as costly as a built-in infotainment system.

Chris will be launched at IFA 2018, and is available for 299,99 EUR.