Meet Ośe: the Robotic, Hands-Free Sex Tech Putting Blended Orgasms within Reach

Lora DiCarlo is a woman-run sex tech brand that is set to revolutionize pleasure as we know it, making hands-free blended orgasms a right rather than a reach. Using advanced microrobotic technology engineered in a leading university laboratory, Lora DiCarlo has developed its first product, Osé, set to hit the market in the second quarter of 2019. 

Founder and CEO Lora Haddock spent three years researching and designing Ośe based on anatomical data from hundreds of women, as well the physiological analysis of orgasms. Ośe uses biomimicry and microrobotics to recreate all of the sensations of a human mouth, tongue, and finger for an experience that feels just like a real partner. The product even adjusts to each body’s unique physiology for a personal fit that hits all the right spots and leaves the hands free for better uses.

Showstoppers attendees will be treated to an early look at what will be one of this year’s most anticipated product releases in a soon-to-be $50 billion market. Get a sneak-peek at Osé, learn about the blended orgasm and meet the nearly all-women team that develop the concepts and technology at Lora DiCarlo. 

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