myAir Smart-Food Leverages AI for Stress Relief Through Functional, Personalized Nutrition

Food tech startup, myAir, today announces the launch of “myAir Insights,” a breakthrough platform delivering personalized stress insights based on each user’s physiological data and cognitive state, enabling personalized mind and body solutions for stress-relief. This smart solution combines functional, plant-based nutrition with data-driven technology to create a stress management system that is unique to each user’s behavioral signature.

The most effective way to manage stress is using personalized data from your mind and body. myAir Insights connects to a wearable activity tracker or smartwatch and collects 80,000 data points per day including heart rate variability, sleep quality, energy levels and stress patterns. The platform also collects cognitive data based on a validated psychological questionnaire to analyze and create the user’s mind and body profile.

Based on an individual’s profile, myAir Insights develops a personalized dashboard empowering everyone with tailored insights, tools, and behavioral challenges needed to manage their stress naturally. This includes a suggested mix of myAir super plant bars and insights that educate, motivate, and inspire you to achieve the goals you’ve set while tracking your progress. It is the first personalized, data-driven platform that empowers you to manage stress with a dynamic feedback loop.