myFirst Circle – that’s how kids, friends, family stay connected!

myFirst Circle is the call, messaging and social sharing ecosystem specially designed for kids, their friends and the family to stay connected. All the good from staying connected, with no ads, no strangers, only real connections.
Classify Contacts into Expanding Circles
We all want to share, but not everything should be shared with everyone. Classify contacts into different expanding circles of Family, Besties, Friends and Acquaintances. [Picture of Circles] When one shares, choose which expanded circle will be able to see your sharing. For example, if Friends is chosen, all Friends, Besties and Family will be able to see your sharing.
Real World Sharing
Kids do enjoy sharing what they see in the real world, but not every kid can fully discern what can or cannot be shared. Parents can help change which expanded circle kids’ posts are visible to. This also presents an opportunity for parents and kids to have a discussion about sharing content online.
Authentic Feedback
Too much of social media today is chasing for affirmation from being popular. myFirst Circle combines all the different responses into a single response called ShoutOut, a 16 character text blurb response or an 8 second voice blurb. Quality interactions over quantity. #ShoutOut
myFirst Circle can be accessed from the myFirst Fone, any Apple or Android smartphone, or tablet. Free for all users!