MYHIXEL: Device & App that Allows Men to Control their Ejaculation Up to 7x Longer

An astounding 31% of men between 18 and 56 years of age suffer from premature ejaculation, and 85% of these men prefer to keep quiet about their problem. This is according to a study carried out by the National Health and Social Life Survey (LNHES).

MYHIXEL is a revolutionary solution that combines a scientifically proven program via a mobile app and a therapeutic device designed specifically to help you learn to control your ejaculation. Developed in collaboration with the Murcian Sexology Institute, MYHIXEL is a proven, sexual therapy method that’ll help you last up to seven times longer in bed, based on clinical trials.   Tested in over 800 men, this method is completely natural and has no side effects. With MYHIXEL, you’ll be able to train yourself to last longer in bed from the comfort and privacy of your own home!

The anonymized MYHIXEL app lets you to follow a personalized ten-week self-learning program. It enables you to discover your body and teaches you to control the mental and physical aspects of your orgasm – giving you more control over your body.   In addition to the app, you’ll be using a state-of-the-art penile stimulator to help you actively train your body to last longer in bed.

Unlike most other solutions, MYHIXEL puts you in control of your orgasm – making sure that you’re not relying on anything else to help you combat PE!

MYHIXEL is a Spanish start-up company that began on kick starter and reached funding within 33 hours with over 500 units sold with the mission to improve the quality of male sex lives. We are pioneers in the development of a new, scientifically proven method that helps men and their partners to control and improve their sexual relations.

MYHIXEL’s team of sex therapists have dedicated the last five years of research to developing this pioneer methodology to control ejaculation, backed by successful clinical trials. In fact, the results of these studies have been presented in international sexual health congresses and have been welcomed by the scientific community.

The Journal of Sexual Medicine, an international medical journal, has published the last clinical study carried out with the MYHIXEL I device in which the participants managed to triple the duration of their sexual interactions.

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