MYHIXEL — The ultimate stimulation device for premature ejaculation

MYHIXELMYHIXEL is a leading brand in male sexual health. Our pioneering method offers scientifically-proven medical solutions for male sexual wellness. We aim to help men, and their partners, feel more satisfied and happy with their sex lives.

How do we do it? Using innovation and technology within the reach of all men, and all our solutions are based on international pioneering research led by recognized professionals in sexology, medicine, and technological innovation.

We also offer products and services for men to meet their needs and bring their sex life to the next level.

Our solutions MYHIXEL MED and MYHIXEL TR include a combination on the  MYHIXEL Play app,  are the result of this scientific innovation that allows men and their partners to have a better sex life, thanks to ejaculatory control, and without any side effects at all, with the stimulator device MYHIXEL I.

And now, MYHIXEL is launching and presenting in IFA, the stimulator device innovated, with new features, created to make the MYHIXEL experience much better for the user. MYHIXEL II, including Bluetooth connection and movement and speed sensors among other features like a Heating and vibration system, IPX7 waterproof, or an anatomically realistic design.

The price of the solutions with the ultimate device MYHXIEL II is 249€ MYHIXEL MED and 199€ MYHIXEL TR.

Journalists will be able to get more information through the website MYHIXEL.COM as well as our video and press kit.