MysteryVibe: the smart future of sexual health tech

Since its inception in 2014, the British-based MysteryVibe has become one of the leading – and most-awarded – brands in the sexual health tech space.

Introduced by their multi-award-winning product, Crescendo, which became sextech’s biggest success story as the most awarded vibrator of all time, MysteryVibe offers a uniquely informed and inspirational attitude to pleasure and product alike as it introduces itself to the European market. For couples and singles at all stages of their sexual journey, MysteryVibe’s mission is to democratise pleasure and the conversation surrounding it.

At Showstoppers, you’ll get to see both the groundbreaking Crescendo and MysteryVibe’s latest product, Tenuto, a one-of-a-kind male-worn vibrator, and learn the secrets of concept, design, funding and marketing with one of the leaders in luxury sextech — MysteryVibe’s Dominnique Karetsos.  Discover how these unique, innovative products are shaping the sexual health tech space.