New “Smart Sort” shows you articles most likely to engage your audience

The “Smart Sort” filter ranks the freshly curated articles in your UpContent account by how likely they will spark engagement with your audience.

Our systems will take the articles your Topics have sourced and compare them to those you shared over the last 90 days to predict engagement.

Based on which articles your audience responded to the best in the past, the filter will “sort” the newly curated articles in UpContent, starting with the ones we predict will see the highest click response.

For example, out of five new articles, Smart Sort will determine which ones most resemble the articles performing best with your customers, then rank the five pieces.

Then, when your sales or marketing team goes to curate which pieces will be used, they aren’t just seeing what aligns best with their criteria or what resembles what they clicked in the past  but which articles your audience will be interested in.

Smart Sort gets smarter over time as you continue to use UpContent, so the more articles you share, the better your recommendations will be!