New SmartWitness Dashcams & AI Software Increase Vehicle Safety

smartwitnessIn a series of safety advances for commercial fleets, SmartWitness introduces two new dashboard cameras and a suite of AI solutions that deliver industry-first strategies for preventing and analyzing risky driving behavior.

The SmartWitness AP1 dashcam combines video and telematics in a one-piece, plug-and-play unit for the first time, eliminating the cost, time and space of installing separate devices. This road-facing, 1080p HD camera also offers key safety features, including real-time ADAS audio alerts to prevent imminent accidents. The AP1 is a CES 2022 Innovations Award Honoree.

The SmartWitness KP2 dashcam is the first road-facing camera with a snap-on driver-facing option, enabling fleets to deploy video telematics in stages with virtually no added overhead. The driver-facing module clips into the base unit with no need to change wiring. Fleets can select from multiple real-time ADAS collision avoidance and driver monitoring features to help avert accidents.

The SmartWitness Cloud AI suite is the first AI software that analyzes video for safety violations without an expensive AI-equipped camera. With most AI processing performed in the cloud, the suite includes AIDE (Artificial Intelligence Driving Events), which reduces false reports of unsafe driving behavior; SmartID, which uses facial recognition to identify vehicle drivers; and C.A.R.E. (Computer Analyzed Risk Evaluation), which detects risky driver behavior such as fatigue and distraction.