New tech at ShowStoppers press event during CES 2022 gets kids outside to play, and sleeping better

LAS VEGAS, NV., and NEW YORK CITY, 20 Dec. 2021 – New tech gets the kids outside to play, and sleeping better, at ShowStoppers® at CES, the press event scheduled for 5 Jan. 2022 during the CES tradeshow in Las Vegas.

Picoo,, the world’s first outdoor game console for kids, makes its debut at CES and ShowStoppers. Picoo gets kids actively running, jumping and playing together outdoors, and helps to reverse the decline of physical fitness and isolation caused by excessive screen time.

Xplora,, will showcase a smartwatch for kids that provides security and peace of mind for parents, while also encouraging physical activity.

Hatch,, the brand that’s helped millions of people of all ages sleep more soundly, will introduce a new and dreamy product for little ones.

The press event organizes product launches, sneak previews and hands-on demonstrations of new tech for work, home and play for journalists, industry and financial analysts, venture capitalists and business executives — from AI to 5G to cloud, VR to digital health; to better, safer, healthier tools for working from home or going back to the office; to future mobility and autonomy, robotics or smart cities; to apps and hardware that drive mobile and desktop innovation; to wearables, IoT, appliances, entertainment, and more.

About ShowStoppers

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